• We specialise in closure systems for different sectors such as food, packaging, farming and industry.

      • 25 years of experience offering excellence, innovation and maximum guarantees

        • Since 1995, IROSTEL has specialised in closure systems (Clipband and Twist Tie) for different sectors such as food, packaging, farming and industry. 

          In 2000, IROSTEL started an international expansion programme and extended its marketing and distribution network to all of Europe and Latin America.

          IROSTEL carries out research and development in order to offer products that stand out and boast high added value, and satisfy the expectations of our most demanding clients.

          IROSTEL works closely with companies to offer innovative products tailored to the needs of each client.  
        • IROSTEL’s awareness of and interest in sustainability and the environment has led to it developing new green and recyclable products consisting of biodegradable materials such as oxo-degradable plastic and paper.

          IROSTEL’s planning expertise, capacity and productive agility allow it to offer custom products very quickly in terms of manufacturing and material delivery times.

          With 25 years of experience and more than 500 clients, IROSTEL offers excellence, innovation and maximum guarantees.