• Company policy

    • IROSTEL S.L. company dedicated to the manufacture of plastic, biodegradable, compostable and paper coatings, faced with a market that is increasingly aware of the value of quality, takes on the challenge of implementing a management policy and continuous improvement of quality that it encompasses the entire manufacturing process and the service provided to the Customer.

      For this reason, it adopts, at all levels of the organization itself, the Quality Management System derived from the application of the International Reference Standard ISO 9001:2015, without exclusions.

      Likewise, IROSTEL S.L. undertakes to support this Quality Policy, providing all the necessary physical elements and the resources needed to motivate and train the own staff who are, in the end, the ones who can guarantee the correct application of the aforementioned Standard.

      IROSTEL S.L. undertakes to comply with all requirements, whether of the Client or applicable legal or regulatory requirements.

      It is intended, as a final objective, to make available to Customers a product that meets the most demanding standards recognized to define it and in service conditions that are of their complete satisfaction, both essential conditions to ensure the viability of the Company in the future.